blacklight studios

Blacklight is not a traditional web development company, as we have our own client base (SASFIN, Vodacom, Microsoft, SAP, Standard Bank, FNB, VW, Nissan, Department of Justice, Di Data, Wimpy and Engen etc.) as well as consulting to advertising agencies such as Cross Colours, PUMP, Wisdom Key Group, Draftfcb and Metropolitan Republic in regards to web campaigns and marketing.

This has given us the advantage of working on the cutting edge of digital media and the versatility to scale of solutions from small social media campaigns to large internet portals and line of business applications.

Blacklight has helped its clients over the years engage with business and have enabled many of them to be ‘front of mind’ when their clients are looking to buy products and services through websites.

Understanding not only the needs of the client but the actual market involved.

With ten years of industry specific experience  Blacklight is able to provide a world class product to its clients, which delivers superior service through its skilful team of dedicated and responsive staff. Maintaining customer relations and satisfaction is a top priority at Blacklight, where we will always go the extra mile to achieve on deliverables.

blacklight studios